Located in the south of Bahia, on the beautiful Pitinga beach, 1.5km from Arraial D’ Ajuda’s historic center and 7km from Porto Seguro airport.


Arraial D’Ajuda
Besides the beautiful beaches, rivers, creeks, Atlantic Forest and a charming village, Arraial D’Ajuda has its place in the History of Brazil. Here Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived in 1500 and in 1549 the XVI-century Jesuit reduction-like settlement was founded and the building of the Our Lady of Help (Nossa Senhora D’Ajuda) church began.

The three Portuguese caravels that brought the first Jesuits to Brazil in 1549 were: Conceição, Salvador and Ajuda which, later, named the three towns in Bahia.

Until the beginning of the XIX century, Arraial D’Ajuda seemed inexistent. The population development of the current district had the influence of several ethnic groups: indigenous people (pataxó tribe), black slaves and foreigners (Portuguese, French, Dutch, English and Spanish). Here Brazil began.


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